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Braided Leather Dog Leash 6 ft x 3/4" - Soft and Strong Dog Leash for Large and Medium Dogs (Double Handle 6 foot x 3/4", Brown)


Brand: ADITYNAColor: BrownFeatures: SUPERIOR Leather Dog Leash made to last for years. The Adityna Braided Leather Leash is made of a single piece of premium grade genuine leather. This makes...


Color: Brown


  • SUPERIOR Leather Dog Leash made to last for years. The Adityna Braided Leather Leash is made of a single piece of premium grade genuine leather. This makes it a RESISTANT leash which allows you to have controlled walks. This 6-foot x 3/4 inch dog leash with traffic handle has the perfect length for Walks and Training. - WE VALUE YOUR PRIORITIES
  • DOUBLE HANDLE LEASH FOR CROWDS & TRAFFIC – You want to KEEP your dogs safe while walking through crowds or crossing streets, TRAIN them with a comfortable short traffic lead and CALM them down when they get excited. ADITYNA designed the MOST EFFICIENT leather leash. It has been TESTED successfully on over 500 large and medium dogs (Border Collie, German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Golden Retriever and more) – IT’S NEVER BEEN EASIER
  • SOFT and STRONG at the same time, the Adityna 6 foot leather leash can PREVENT the burning hands feeling when the dog pulls hard. Use the 6-foot length for usual walks and grab the traffic handle when getting into a crowded area for complete control.It can be used as a short dog leash as well.
  • The PERFECT GIFT for all dog lovers. Together with the leash, you will also get a Dog Waste Dispenser to keep you away from those black days when you forget the poop bags back home in a backpack. It includes a Metal Ring and a DELUXE gift package for any dog owner. – MAKE SOMEONE HAPPY
  • 2 YEARS WARRANTY & U.S. CUSTOMER SUPPORT – We take pride in making LONG-LASTING Premium Pet Products and in our personalized USA-Based customer support. Our leather leashes for dogs are the MOST economical and healthy option for your dog’s safety. Add your new leather lead to cart and if you aren’t 110% Satisfied, we will fully refund your purchase or send you a new one. – NO QUESTIONS, ONLY LOVE

Details: Some call it dog training leash, some call it braided leather dog leash, some even call it dog running leash. Call it however you want because one thing’s for certain - Adityna’ Dog Leash will keep you and your dog SAFE for a LONG time! Picture this: You decide to walk your dog one night. He/She is a strong puller and also gets excited when a sound comes on or a squirrel/cat gets in front of you. The next thing you notice is your dog, 20 yards away from you! You’re the only one who knows how bad this can go. Astrong double handle leather leash would’ve been fantastic to avoid this mess! Or maybe you just got tired of painful arms after walking your dog. Scratches on your hand, uncontrolled walks, missed training sessions or even worse - dogs lost because of broken leashes. A Heavy Duty Braided Dog Leash would make your life easier. Here’s why: 2 YEARS WARRANTY: We fully support your buying decision with great quality products and outstanding customer care. RESISTANT: This is a 6 foot long dog leash and ¾ inch wide. It has been treated and painted to provide real support for you.

Package Dimensions: 7.0 x 5.6 x 1.8 inches

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